Rejuvenation concentrated direct absorption Vaginal Serum - 99.7% natural ingredients, pH balancing, Y-zone care, Vaginal Getting Tighter, Women Lubricants, Vaginal Repair Shrink Gel(2ml, 3ea)

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About The Product:

  • Directly applied to my body... more cautious and strict! Good ingredients from nature ONLY 1. Synthetic flavor-free natural essential oils 2. Safe formula in EWG Green Rating 3. 99.7% natural ingredients (including water) 4. Persistence upgraded with natural preservatives
  • What are the primary causes of Y-zone issues such as unpleasant smells and itching? The Y-zone is comprised of sensitive mucous membranes and easily loses pH balance. The Rejuvenation Secret Serum is a slightly acidic (pH 4.5) high-concentration serum specially designed for the Y-zone, keeping pH balance. It is helpful in caring for the Y-zone. In addition, it offers a lovely solution for married couples healthy and energetic lifestyles through moisturizing and lubricating effects.
  • Grapefruit seed extracts Keep you skin moist and protect from external irritants. Herbal essential oil Makes you feel comfortable and enhances vigor with herbal essential oils Smooth massage effects Tara gum and cellulose gum from plants are discharged out of the body and ensure irritation-free massage effects. Soothing effects Allantoin prevents skin from chapping and makes it soft and smooth
  • Want to be a healthy and inner beautiful lady? Inner Y-zone care is essential! The Rejuvenation Secret Serum ensures healthy Vaginal care through direct absorption. Containing natural compositions such as grapefruit extract, it can be safely applied to the Sensitive body parts. It offers a smooth and moist feeling. The disposable case is safe and convenient to use.
  • Recommended to those Those concerned about itching or unpleasant smell Those feeling uncomfortable because of vaginal dryness Those who smell with excessive vaginal discharge Those who needed to keep the Y-zone firm and elastic Those who suffer from urinary incontinence Those who needed to build up self-confidence after childbirth.


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