Pure Label Nutrition-Krill Oil 1000mg per serving w/ Astaxanthin and Phospholipids, 60 caps, Omega 3 6 9 - EPA DHA, 100% Pure Krill Oil, Wild Antarctic Caught, No Mercury, GMO and Gluten 30-day supply 60 Count (Pack of 1)

By Pure Label Nutrition

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About The Product:

  • 100% PURE KRILL OIL CAPSULES: Harvested from the pristine water of the Antarctic ocean, the Krill Oil capsules are 100% natural, mercury-free, gluten-free, and verified GMO-free. The 60-pack capsules provide a mega-dose of 1000 mg per serving with Astaxanthin, a free radical scavenger, that ensures the Krill Oil is fresh, potent, and pure. We provide the most premium quality products with utmost purity, but in case youre dissatisfied, we assure a 100% money-back guarantee on our product.
  • NATURAL SOURCE OF OMEGA 3, 6 & 9: Providing an optimal combination of Omega 3, 6 & 9, Astaxanthin and Phospholipids, our Krill Oil promotes muscular health and cellular development. The phospholipids in Krill Capsules allow the oil to efficiently incorporate with other stomach fluids, and is a better source of essential fats compared to regular fish oil.
  • SUPPORTS JOINTS, HEART, AND IMMUNE HEALTH: Krill Oil is known to be a contributor to normal blood pressure while lowering cholesterol levels. It can significantly reduce joint pains and strengthen knees owing to the anti-inflammatory properties. With Krill Oil, it is easy to boost immunity, cleanse the toxins from the body, and keep your heart younger and stronger.
  • MAINTAINS BRAIN HEALTH & WORKING MEMORY: With a high concentration of Omega 3 (EPA and DHA), 6, and 9, Krill Oil helps to sustain normal brain function and prevent reduction of cerebral activity that comes with aging. Containing more than average phospholipids in a capsule, Krill Oil capsules increase brain performance while strengthening concentration, focus, and working memory.
  • NO FISH BURPS & AFTERTASTE: The phospholipid in Krill Oil is highly absorbable, digestible, and mixes well with other stomach fluids to prevent a fishy aftertaste and other unflattering digestive issues. Traditional Omega-3 fish oils sit on the top of the stomach fluids, and do not promote healthy digestion or absorption, therefore resulting in a reflex or burp back.


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