Neem Queen Tea Bags 15 Count in Box Fresh Grown in America Wrapped for Travel Organic Caffeine Free Made in America

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About The Product:

  • Neem Queen's All Natural Ingredients: Fine cut Neem Leaf. One box of 15 Individual green Neem tea bags for tea in sachet pyramid bags. Good for Hot or Cold Neem Tea.
  • Non-GMO, Gluten-free, No fillers, no binders and no artificial ingredients. Neems light, dry qualities help counter heaviness and stagnation in the body by encouraging proper metabolism and maintaining healthy blood glucose levels. It is often taken internally to foster a state of balance in the liver, pancreas, and GI tract.*Perfect for making Neem Leaf Tea, to use in neem tinctures, neem extract, neem tub tea and more.
  • Neem is one of Ayurvedas most celebrated herbs for the skin. Its bitter flavor helps cool excess heat in the body. Neem purifies the blood, supports proper digestion, promotes healing, and destroys toxins. It also has a strong affinity for the lymph.*
  • Organic Neem Leaves - BENEFITS: One of Ayurvedas most celebrated herbs, Ecostyle Neem Leaves has multiple benefits including Anti tuberculosis Antiulcer Antiviral Antiworm Heals Burns Blood detoxifier Spermicidal Diuretic Heals Eye Diseases Immunomodulatory Heals Pimples Heals Skin diseases Anti periodontic & much more.
  • OTHER NAMES:Neem leaves are known by different names across the world - * Antelaea Azadirachta * , * Arishta * , *Arishtha * , * Azadirachta Indica * , * Bead Tree * , * Holy Tree * , * Huile de Neem * , * Indian Lilac * , * Indian Neem * , * Lilas des Indes * , * Lilas de Perse * , * Margosa * , * Margosa Tree * , * Margousier * , * Margousier a Feuilles de Frene * , * Margousier dInde * , * Melia


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