Liquid B12 Vitamin Sublingual – All-Natural Liquid Vitamin Vegan B12 Drops – Non-GMO Adenosylcobalamin Methylcobalamin B12 Supplement – Boost Your Immune System, Metabolism, Energy and Focus! 1 Fl Oz (Pack of 12)

By Live Wise Naturals

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About The Product:

  • Live Wise Naturals Vitamin B 12 Liquid Drops are taken under the tongue to BYPASS THE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM, avoiding harsh stomach acid - which lower the potency of a liquid B12 supplement - ABSORBING QUICKLY into the bloodstream. Uniquely formulated with organic grape alcohol to stimulate the mouth tissues, our liquid B12 vitamin delivers the FULL BENEFITS of vegan safe B12 liquid supplement without the side effects.
  • LIQUID VITAMIN B12 CAN OFTEN TASTE RANCID or UNNATURALLY SWEET, but our organic B12 vitamin is unsweetened, with a MILD, PLEASANT TASTE. Containing only 3 all-natural, non-GMO ingredients Vitamin B12, water,and organic grape alcohol our B12 is packaged in an amber glass bottle to PROTECT THE LIQUID from harmful light, with a glass dropper to prevent plastics from leaching into your vitamin B12 organic. Try our FLAVORED VERSION which contains Organic Orange Extract!
  • MOST B12 VITAMINS ONLY CONTAIN METHYLCOBALAMIN 1 of the 2 forms of B12 used by the human body so you only get half the potential benefits a pure B12 vegan supplement can offer. Weve formulated our B12 vitamin liquid metabolism drops with BOTH METHYLCOBALAMIN and ADENOSYLCOBALAMIN, so you get the FULL BENEFITS that vit B12 can deliver: a strong IMMUNE SYSTEM and an ENERGY, METABOLISM, MOOD, and STRENGTH boost, along with improved CONCENTRATION, CLARITY, and COGNITIVE function.
  • NON-GMO, VEGAN, and SUSTAINABLY SOURCED with ZERO FILLERS! With our vegan vitamin B12 methylcobalamin, theres no need to worry about added chemicals you would find in time-release capsules. Animal and soy-free, with NO UNNECESSARY PRESERVATIVES, binders, or flow agents. We THIRD-PARTY TEST all of our formulas to ensure there are NO PESTICIDES, herbicides, and heavy metals in our products. Sourced, formulated, and MADE IN THE USA.
  • AT LIVE WISE NATURALS, WE FORMULATE OUR HIGH-QUALITY, ALL-NATURAL SUPPLEMENTS with our own FAMILY IN MIND. We use & test every product ourselves with monthly blood tests TO ENSURE OUR PRODUCTS DO WHAT THEY SHOULD! We work hard to source the best PRESERVATIVE-FREE, CHEMICAL-FREE, NON-GMO ingredients, making sure we know how each ingredient IS GROWN, MANUFACTURED, and PROCESSED. When it comes to our family and our customers, WE DONT SETTLE for anything less.


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