AFC Japan Cho Renew -170 Billions Patented Probiotics, 3X More Effective, with Silk Peptide & Fiber, for Clearer Skin, Stomach Acid Resistant, No Need for Refrigeration, 15 sachets



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About The Product:

  • SHELF STABLE & HIGHEST 170 BILLION PATENTED PROBIOTICS - Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB)-FK-23 and Bifidus Bacteria BB536, two of the most studied beneficial bacteria which are naturally found in our intestine and awarded with 12 patents. It is heat-treated to survive under high temperatures and stomach acid & bile, so that the friendly bacteria can reach the intestines intact, for meaningful colonisation. CHORenew is 3x more powerful than live probiotics supplements.
  • FORMULATED WITH FUNCTIONAL DOSE OF ESSENTIAL PREBIOTICS, DIETARY FIBER, PREMIUM PROBIOTIC AND 100% PURE SILK PEPTIDES. Combination of pure silk peptides and active detoxification in the gut supports skin repair, improving skin clarity, hydration and radiance.
  • HEALTH BENEFITS: 1. CLEAR SKIN: Improve complexion, clear blemishes & acne. Promotes overall radiance & smoothness; 2. RESTORES GUT FLORA BALANCE: Great for gas relief, constipation, leaky gut & intestinal health; 3. JUMP STARTS SLUGGISH SYSTEM: Reduces bad breath, improves immunity, reduce allergic symptoms & increases energy levels; 4. CLEAN INTESTINES: Removes toxins & accumulated wastes. Restore good bacteria in the intestine for healthy gut flora; 5. DIGESTION SUPPORT; 6.WEIGHT LOSS
  • FREE OF PRESERVATIVE, COLOURING, NON-GMO AND GLUTEN FREE. Formulation is highly safe and high quality. No laxative. MADE IN JAPAN. GMP Certified.
  • BEST SUPPLEMENT FOR ADULTS, MEN, WOMEN. Ideally for people who have poor gastrointestinal health, Travelers Tummy caused by changes in diet when traveling abroad, Poor digestion and bloating, Irregular bowel movements and poor immunity. Take 1 sachet daily.


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