Premium Magnesium Glycinate 425mg - 180 Vegan Capsules - Helps with Stress Relief, Sleep, Muscle Cramps & Healthy Heart |


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About The Product:

  • LARGE DOSE SUPERIOR MAGNESIUM GLYCINATE from Dr Martin's Nutrition has a generous 425mg for a wide range of health benefits. Magnesium is an essential mineral that the human body needs and is a key ingredient for nearly 350 bodily processes and reactions. You get a 180 Veggie Capsules and it also enhances bioavailability which means that you get the most out of every milligram you take.
  • BONE DENSITY & STRENGTH - Dr Martins Magnesium is essential to strong and health bones. Magnesium can help support the hormone in the body that conveys calcium around the body. It is formulated with glycine to be easier on your stomach
  • SLEEP - Muscle tension and Tightness can have impact on your daily life. It can disrupt your sleep patterns, workouts and recovery times as well as cause cramps throughout the day. Dr Martins Magnesium is formulated efficiently to give your muscles comfort and help boost muscle growth by supporting in greater muscle repair and recovery time. The more relaxed your mind and body is the more the brain can focus on getting better quality sleep
  • CARDIOVASCULAR FUNCTION - Our hearts need more Magnesium than any other body part. Magnesium can help boost cardiovascular function and it also helps to convert fat into energy. It also supports in breaking down of carbohydrates which helps to naturally supports blood sugar levels in the body


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